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Riding the BMW HP4 Race

I had the opportunity to recently ride the BMW HP4 Race in the track in Las Vegas. Dylan Code of the California Superbike School invited me to ride the bike and I jumped at the chance to ride something not many people will get the chance to throw a leg over.

I got to ride the bike at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the Classic course. I've ridden and raced on this course many times, but always in the clockwise direction. On this day the school was riding counter clockwise to I went out on one of the schools S1000RRs for a session to learn the track and get a sort of baseline feel to riding a normal sportbike on this layout to compare to the HP4 Race, which is anything but a normal sportbike.

The HP4 Race was very impressive when compared to the S1000RR. It was so much lighter, had more power and the suspension and electronics are just a whole other level.